Moving Service Provider FAQ

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Do I have to be licensed?
Labor Only:

A special license isn't typically required for lifting things in and out of a truck or storage container. However, you should be compliant with the laws of your local municipality.

Do I have to be insured?
Labor Only:

You must carry the insurance required by your local municipality for operating a business. However, it is not required that you carry your own insurance policy by Porch Moving Group unless you are part of any program that requires you to be insured.

Do I have to have all my employee's background checked?

All Managed labor jobs require you to provide only team members who have a passed background check.

Please note: If Porch Moving Group hears from a customer regarding any suspicious activity from a crew member, we have the right to request a background check for those individuals.

Can I offer my own truck?

You cannot use your own truck for labor-only jobs. If you run into an issue where a customer requests a moving truck for a labor-only job, please contact us immediately using the “Contact Porch Moving Group” button located on the order form and provide as many details as possible.

If HireAHelper, SML and Moving Staffers are merging, does that mean I'll automatically be eligible for jobs from all three? Will I automatically be sent jobs from customers looking for services under any of these companies?

There will be an opportunity later this year for you to expand your services on any platform for which you are not already enrolled. In the next few months, you will receive communications with information on how to join.

Your Account

Will there be any changes to what I am charged?

No. The fees for labor-only jobs on SML and Moving Staffers are not changing at this time. We offer an additional product, HireAHelper, which is a marketplace that connects customers with moving companies in their area. If you would like to join that product, there is a 29% fee for any jobs booked through HireAHelper.

Is the HireAHelper fee going to change?

The fee for HireAHelper jobs is not changing at this time.

Where do I sign into my account and manage my orders?

All labor-only jobs through SML and Moving Staffers, as well as all HireAHelper jobs, will be accessed at

If you participate in corporate relocation and full-service jobs through SML, you will continue to sign in and access them at

What are all the possible ways to get paid?

1. Mobile invoice: You will need to finalize the total time for the job and follow the necessary steps for the mobile invoice to forward to the customer. The customer will then have to sign the mobile invoice and trigger the release of payment for the order.

2. Paper Invoice: You will need to print the available Porch Moving Group Managed Labor invoice for the order and have the customer enter the required criteria. You will then need to upload the invoice via your service provider account dashboard using the “Get Paid” button found on the order form.

Will I still be able to log into my previous account?

Yes. However, beginning April 1, 2022, all newly booked jobs will come through your Porch Moving Group account. If you have existing booked jobs in any of the previous portals for Simple Moving Labor or Moving Staffers, you will continue to complete any already booked, assigned jobs within those respective portals for the month of April 2022.

Job Requirements

What are the expectations for servicing managed labor jobs?

For these jobs, you will be contracted on behalf of Porch Moving Group and the jobs will be labeled as Managed (Labor-Only - Hourly). You must arrive within the 1-hour arrival window selected, or the job will be considered “late”. If the crew is going to be late for a job for any reason, you must call Porch Moving Group directly.

You are required to stay up to a total of two (2) additional hours over any pre-booked time. You will be compensated in accordance with the overage rates indicated in your account. If additional hours are needed beyond that, you may continue to work at your discretion at the overage rates indicated in your account.

Lastly, all communication is conducted directly with Porch Moving Group. However, 24 hours prior to a managed job date, you will receive the customer's direct contact information via your Service Provider Account in order for you to be able to reach the customer.

What should I bring to my Managed Labor moves?

1. The managed labor mobile invoice. This is the easiest and most convenient way payment can be released.

2. The proper equipment, which includes:

  • Dolly
  • Hand tools
  • Handtruck or straps

Please note: All crew members fulfilling a Managed Work Order must wear a uniform. A uniform may consist of matching shirts or different shirts if they all display the same company logo. Additionally, based on requests from our major partners, we are requiring all crew members to wear a protective face covering and gloves while performing a managed labor job.

Can I drive a customer's truck?

No. You cannot drive a customer’s truck. If you run into an issue where a labor-only customer requests help with a vehicle, please use the “Contact Porch Moving Group” button via the order form located inside your Porch Moving Group account. Include as many details as possible so that we can work with the customer and help provide them with resources.

What is considered a "flight of stairs"?

Porch Moving Group defines a "flight of stairs" as “four or more steps between floors”. Stairs are still considered "one flight" even if the steps are interrupted by a landing leading to the next floor of the building. Per Porch Moving Group’s policy, the first flight of stairs on an order is always free. For any additional flights, the Moving Service Provider has the option to charge extra fees for any flight of stairs at both the loading and/or unloading locations. The fee will be displayed along with the final price on their listing. All representatives keep this definition in mind at the time of booking when gathering details from a customer.

Managing Your Orders

I have jobs booked in my existing SML or Moving Staffers system. Will those transfer over to a different account?

If you have existing booked jobs on the SML or Moving Staffers portals, you will need to complete those orders through the end of April 2022 using the previous system, while also keeping an eye on your new Porch Moving Group dashboard for newly booked jobs.

Starting May 1, all of these jobs will be serviced through your single Porch Moving Group account.

If you participate in SML's corporate relocation or full-service program, you will continue to access and manage those jobs at

How long do I have to accept a job request?

You have 24 hours to accept a job request. If you do not accept the order inside your service provider account within 24 hours, the order will be offered to the next available Moving Service Provider.

What if the customer calls us to cancel their order?

As soon as you are aware, please contact us via the "Contact Porch Moving Group” button located on your order form, or email us at [email protected] or [email protected] depending on the brand that appears on the order.

What if the customer needs to update information on their order (time, date, size of crew, etc.)?

As soon as you are aware, please contact us via the "Contact Porch Moving Group” button located on your order form, or email us at [email protected] or [email protected] depending on the brand that appears on the order.

What happens if my crew arrives at a job site and the conditions are unsanitary/unsafe?

Relay your concerns to the customer and see if there is any way they can rectify the situation. If not, contact Porch Moving Group immediately before beginning the job or touching anything. You can contact us at 866-399-3331.


What if I notice my pricing is wrong on an order?

Please contact Porch Moving Group at 866-399-3331.

What does this mean for the team I am used to working with?

The previous team you worked with is also part of the Porch Moving Group family! However, you now also have a dedicated account management team for all of Porch Moving Group. (Please note some agents may have relocated to a different department.)

When I call in, will I need to specify if I’m referring to a HireAHelper/SML/Moving Staffers order and/or account?

You can contact us at 866-399-3331. The menu options will help route you to the correct team. Or you can continue to use the existing phone numbers you are familiar with, in order to be routed to the team/brand the order originated from.

Will any phone numbers or emails change?

All phone numbers and emails for SML/HireAHelper/Moving Staffers will remain the same.

I completed a job but I haven't received the payment yet!

After an order has been completed, if you are enrolled in direct deposit, payments are typically posted within two (2) business days. If you have enrolled to be paid via check, please allow up to seven (7) business days for your check to arrive. If payment was released over the weekend or holiday, please keep in mind that payments are not processed on weekends or holidays.

If it has been more than two (2) business days and your payment has not yet been received, please email [email protected].


What is SML?

Established in 2007, Simple Moving Labor, or “SML”, is a company that connects people moving with Moving Service Providers who act on behalf of SML. Moving jobs booked on SML are managed by the Simple Moving Labor operations team.

What is Moving Staffers?

Established in 2005, Moving Staffers is a nationwide Moving Service Provider network consisting of affiliates who have an excellent reputation in the moving industry.

What is HireAHelper?

Established in 2007, HireAHelper is a nationwide marketplace for Moving Service Providers. HireAHelper books jobs for moving companies who offer labor-only and/or full-service moves. Customers indicate what type of help they need, as well as the details of their move. The customer is then presented with local Moving Service Providers to choose from that offer their requested services.

What is Porch?

Established in 2012, Porch is a software company focused on building and providing software and services to home inspectors, large utility companies, real estate professionals, and Moving Service Providers. These 11,000+ small and large businesses use Porch’s business software to improve their operations, grow their business, and improve their customer experience. Today, Porch reaches approximately 2 out of every 3 U.S. homebuyers.

Are the Moving Staffers, SML, or HireAHelper brands going away?

No, none of these brands are going away. We’re just making it easier for our service providers to access their jobs in one place.